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PF warn Zambians


ZAMBIANS are more likely to see real scandals under the new dawn administration than the imaginary scandals that they thought existed in the Patriotic Front (PF) government, the PF has warned

PF Copperbelt Media Director Munalula Moola said in the less than six months of being in government, Zambians have seen more of undesirable things than progressive things under the new dawn administration, an indication of worse things to come from the party which promised Zambians “Heaven on Earth” during campaignd

In the less than six months of the ‘new Dawn’ government, Mr Moola said Zambians have seen unexplained deals, unruly conduct of the UPND cadres and the most worrying of all, was the unexplained leaked audio between State House Special Assistant for Political Affairs Levy Ngoma and Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba

In an interview in Kitwe, Mr Moola said what was worrying was that the government failing to explain convincingly about the leaked video, the unruly conduct of its cadres and some deals implicating some ministers

Mr Moola said, despite losing the August 12 elections,  the PF was happy that Zambians have realised that the former ruling party was much better than the UPND which had so far proved to be brutal, irresponsible and with absolutely no regard for the poverty stricken majority Zambians

“We had our own problems as PF, but we were not as brutal as the UPND.  You could not hear that the PF cadres have beaten up or manhandled a District Agricultural Officer (DAO) or any civil servant. No. This caderism is brutal and barbaric

Mr Moola said the UPND campaigned on lies and propaganda and labelled the PF to be a party of thieves and corrupt people to incite Zambians against the former ruling party

He said despite succeeding in their campaign, the truth of the matter was being revealed on who were the real and true thieves between those in the PF and the UPND

Mr Moola said the UPND should be ashamed that the PF which they were labelling to be a party of ‘thieves and corrupt people’ had set the stage for economic recovery and national development, while the ruling party which claimed to have solutions to economic challenges, were just waffling. 

He said the UPND government has no plan for Zambia and those who have confidence in them should wait patiently to see them fail miserably before regretting having voted for them.

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