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Dear Editor,

THE management of the governance network and the many contours that require effective navigation, presents Zambia with a serious dilemma. We cannot be fighting corruption for decades, without meaningful results.

First, I commend President Hakainde Hichilema for standing strong and firm about thieving citizens or cartels, cliques and any other appropriate terminology.

Second, by alleging selective justice and suggesting that only some people are being targeted, is itself highly problematic. 

Why? If there is a clue of wrong doing, common sense suggests that the clue be followed till the end. Any other cooperator or accomplice undoubtedly and necessarily follows, as nobody is above the law.

Third, public resources must be used for the public and anything else will and shall remain unacceptable. Our government is for service to the country and not any personal leaning. 

Going forward, President Hichilema has done the country a big favor by confirming the existence of an ugly scheme wherein some of his officials are unfortunately being counselled and taught thieving ways in contradiction to public expectations. 

This revelation, just like President Edgar Lungu revealed and did nothing, as evidenced, has the potential to defeat the fight against corruption. 

To that extent, Zambians must stand firmly behind and with the President to fight corruption, without fear or favour. The country and the supportive international community, cannot afford to lose the corruption fight. 

Just to indicate that Zambians are not immune to rumours. Since we cannot act on rumours, we expect law enforcement entities to strongly support the President and the country by strictly following the rule of law. 

The Zambian Penal Code is loud and clear on joint activities. Acting and working on criminal counsel or advice, makes one as culpable as the originator. A clear danger!    

For Zambia to go forward, we must put the country first. Effective and conclusive prosecutions are thus inevitable. 


Political Analyst and Human Rights Defender.

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