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Governance demands civility, duty and responsibility

Governance demands civility, duty and responsibility

Dear Editor, 

I HAVE watched the unfolding drama over critical governance issues. Most worrying are those opinions attracting negativity and gravitating towards democratic reversal.

This is in spite of the wonderful and democratic push by President Hakainde Hichilema, who has embraced and consistently insisted on the Rule of Law.

Please note:


1. We have a great opportunity to enhance respect for the Rule of Law by arresting bad vices such as hooliganism, in the name of cadres. No cadre, but a lawless hooligan can entertain anarchy and impunity. 

2. Citizens who are producing and circulating dirty videos of individuals masquerading as political supporters, are knowingly or unknowingly breaking the law.  

Giving hooligans a platform to damage society and engage in all manner of illegalities is unacceptable.

3. Holding or carrying a National Registration Card, is a symbol of more than citizen  status. It attracts responsibility and agreement to yielding to any lawful instruction.

Zambia will only be better if and when citizens act responsibly and with reason towards one another.   

For purposes of emphasis, civility demands that we embrace good and openly denounce bad without fear or favour. 

For instance, Zambia’s integrity will be highly compromised if we entertain criminality and criminals. (Those accused must be reasonable enough to allow the rule of law and not rule of man, be a guiding compass) 

Only the law and those tasked to administer it must be allowed to professionally serve our society.

It is very irresponsible for any citizen to pour open and unsubstantiated scorn on institutions of government and governance. 


Political Analyst and Human Rights Defender.

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