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Leaked audio: Police should look in right direction – Kalaba


POLICE should not harass KBN TV journalist Petty Chanda but must look at the culprits behind the video, Democratic Party President Harry Kalaba has said.

Mr Kalaba said the police needed to look in the right direction and go after Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Josephs Akafumba and Special assistant to the President for Politics Levy Ngoma and not an innocent journalist doing her job.

Mr Kalaba said the Police were harassing the wrong people in the case of KBN Station Manager Petty Chanda who has been warned and cautioned for broadcasting the said audio.

He said it was shocking that the police had the audacity to go for an innocent reporter whilst leaving the culprits that were plotting bad things and impeding democracy in the country.

“The Police should not concentrate on the innocent journalist but should also call the two gentlemen that were in the audio,” he said.

Mr Kalaba however denied giving the KBN staff the recording and said that he was not even aware of the person who gave her the recording.

He said he was happy that the audio was circulating because it gave Zambians a clear picture of what they were dealing with.

“For me, I’m happy that the audio has surfaced because we told Zambians that the people they put in office were not honest and the revelation proved that,” he said.

He said the two office bearers were dishonest people who were hell bent at destroying the Democratic Party by scheming against the party.

On Monday, Ms Chanda was summoned by the Police over the audio involving Mr Ngoma and Mr Akafumba.

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