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Fire corrupt ministers, HH advised


POLITICAL cadres who illegally collect money from poor traders at markets or bus stations are the same as ministers who get a government contract through their spouses, they all must be stopped, says Golden Party of Zambia leader Jackson Silavwe.

Mr Silavwe said it was unethical for ministers, senior government officials and their spouses to bid for Government contracts.

He said ministers and other senior government officials whose spouses were beneficiaries of government contracts must resign from their positions.

“It’s only proper that they resign from their positions if they want to do business directly with Government,” Mr Silavwe said.

He appealed to President Hakainde Hichilema to deal with ministers who were getting government contracts decisively just like he was dealing with unruly political cadres collecting money in markets and bus stations. 

“A cadre who collects money from the markets or bus stations is the same as a minister who gets a government contract.

“I appeal to President Hichilema to look into this issue before it reverses the positive gains he has made in the governance system of our country, thus far,” he said.

Mr Silavwe said the notion by members of the ruling party that they formed Government to “eat” should come an end.

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