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FREEDOM fighter Mainza Chona’s widow Yolanta and son, Patrick, have been sued in the Lusaka High Court over a land deal in Mazabuka worth K70, 000.

Dr Alexis Sinyama and Muhongo Sinyama seek an interim order restraining Ms Chona and her son from transferring a 295-acre farm on Tennis Club Road in Mazabuka to a third party.

The duo seek a refund of the K70, 000, being money paid for the purchase of the farm.
Mr Patrick Chona has been sued in his capacity as beneficiary of the late freedom fighter’s estate while Ms Chona, who is cited as the second defendant is sued as administrator of her late husband’s estate.

In their claim, Dr Sinyama stated that by a contract dated December

13, 2012, Mr Patrick Chona, the businessman, agreed to sell a 295-acre farm on Tennis Club Road in Mazabuka at K70, 000 and did pay the said amount on December 14, the same year
The plaintiffs stated that they took vacant possession of the land in contention which they initially used to cultivate maize on.

They however said that Mr Patrick Chona has to date not completed the sale of the piece of land contracted despite several reminders.

“Following protracted engagements with the first defendant, the plaintiffs approached the second defendant who confirmed that she was aware of the transaction between the plaintiffs and the first defendant, a transaction she approved with intent to parcel out the foresaid piece of land for purposes of assigning the same to the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs allege that there is a real danger and likelihood that the defendant and defendant’s family could sell the piece of land contracted to a third party, thus need to grant them a restraining order.

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