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Dear Editor,

FALSE and malicious stories have destroyed people. Homes have been broken and innocent children have suffered in the process while some victims of false stories have ended up committing suicide. It should not be that normal for anyone to just wake up and post a story with false allegations against another.

I remember when I served As a District Commissioner, I had false stories written about me almost on a daily basis and the trend went for almost a month.

While I appeared strong and u bothered, I was traumatised and worse more my family moved about with shame yet the stories where all false and malicious with intent to destroy my image by I believe my political competitors. We as a people have also become so gullible that we believe anything and everything that is said and written and we have participated in destroying victims by our blind participation in these evil schemes. We need to stop media bullying, It’s not right.

It’s not morally ok to just wake up and comment any way and anyhow we feel about someone. While our conscience is free with our postings, the people we attack on social media are left with scars some of which may take forever to heal.

So every time you comment on something be sure that you are being fair in your comment, let alone be sure that there are facts in your comments. We all need to stand up and say no to social media bullying because what is happening on someone may happen on you. We need to stop celebrating the downfall of others no matter what.


Nkana MP.

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