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ZRA acts on fraudulent VAT import claims


FRADULENT VAT import claims will be easily spotted and dealt with using the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) enhanced interface of its Taxonline system.

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has enhanced the interface for its TaxOnline system to provide for auto population of import Value Added Tax (VAT) claims of the VAT return.

The enhancement of the interface between TaxOnline system and AyscudaWorld is also meant to reduce the cost of doing business for the taxpayers when claiming import VAT. 

This reform will also mitigate incidences of fraudulent import VAT claims where in the past, some unscrupulous people have exploited this weakness to make VAT claims in duplicate and  use forged Customs documents, among other methods. 

This is according to the acting Corporate Communications Manager, Oliver Nzala.

In this case, Mr Nzala said, instead of submitting manual Customs import documents to ZRA, taxpayers will use the data which is already in ZRA’s custody in the AsycudaWorld. 

“As a result of implementation of this change, the Taxonline system is currently experiencing some transitional stabilization challenges which the ZRA technical team is resolving. 

“Therefore, the ZRA would like to advise taxpayers to proceed and make payments due this month and returns can be filed later once the system bug is resolved,” he said in a statement.

Further, Mr Nzala said, all eligible VAT input claims for the period of December 2021 would be allowed and penalties for late filing will not be charged.

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