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STATE House doors are open to all Zambians including the traditional leaders who want to meet President Hakainde Hichilema as long as they make an appointment through the principal private secretary’s office, Presidential spokesperson, Anthony Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya said chiefs and other stakeholders wanting to meet President Hichilema to discuss national issues were free to come through so long they follow the right channels of making appointment with the principal private sectary’s office.

Mr. Bwalya was reacting to reports that Bemba chiefs in Muchinga Province were furious after their attempts to meet with the Head of State had been repeatedly blocked.

He said in an interview that no one was denied access to State House as long as they follow the clearly defined procedure needed to secure an appointment with the President.

Mr. Bwalya said State House was for the people therefore is was not possible that the traditional leaders could be denied access.

“The President has made it clear that State House is not ours, we occupy those offices for and on behalf of the people,  No one is denied access to State House as long as the process is followed,’’ he said.

Mr. Bwalya said traditional leaders are free to make appoints to meet the President and discuss issues of concern as long as the processes and guidelines are followed.

He also said all State House staff are accessible provided those wanting to meet them follow the laid down procedure.

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in reaction to concerns from Bemba chiefs said blocking chiefs from meeting the President, could derail development in rural areas.

Chief Chanje said State House should be open for all chiefs to enable them interact with the President for the sake of development.

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