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UPND summons Youth wings for insubordination


We have summoned three of our national youth chairpersons to come and exculpate themselves for insubordination, says UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda.

Mr Imenda said that they had summoned the three  –  Stephen Chikota, the embattled Deputy Youth Chairperson for administration who stormed a mine in Mansa, North-Western Province Chairperson Bruce Kanema who posted an audio warning ministers not to feel untouchable and Mr Trevor Mwiinde, who supported the duo.

Mr Kanema said that some ministers were cutting deals with PF members who had deals in the mines and were getting more money on top of their hefty allowances.

“I’ll bring chaos in the province just like my counterpart Mr Chikota did in Mansa when he stormed a mine that was run by an Indian because there is too much illegality going on he said,” he said.

But an angry Mr Imenda said they would be having a meeting today so that the national leadership could explain their actions.

“What I can tell you is that these guys are friends and they are working as a syndicate but as a party we are not going to tolerate lawlessness,” he said.

He said the leadership would also convene another meeting with them on Monday so that a lasting solution was found.

Mr Imenda said they would deal with anyone who would bring the name of the party in disrepute because President Hakainde Hichilema had made it clear that he would not condone caderism.

He said the reason for the two meetings was to hear the side of the youth leadership who had gone “rogue.”

He said the conduct by the youth leaders was unfortunate because they were supposed to be driving the President’s agenda rather than acting the way they were.

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