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Amos Chanda, 2 others put on defence


The Lusaka Magistrate Court has placed on defence former Presidential press aide Amos Chanda, his wife and  sister in-law after finding them with a case to answer.

Chanda, his wife Mable Nakaundi and  sister in-law, Ruth Nakaundi Mulenga are jointly charged for using insulting language on officers who were conducting searches at his premises and also obstructing them from executing their duties.

The trio had pleaded not guilty to the charge.

When the matter came up yesterday, Chief Resident Magistrate, Dominic Makalicha, found them with a case to answer and placed them on their defense.

In his ruling, Magistrate Makalicha said the seven witnesses from Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) have proved beyond reasonable doubt that Chanda, Mable and Ruth insulted and obstructed officers from executing their duty at Elm road and State Lodge, Chanda’s residence.

Magistrate Makalicha said, it was true from the evidence on record that Chanda called officers idiots, criminals, corrupt while his wife and sister in-law showered them with all sorts of insults and raising the middle finger at them as they distracted them from doing their job.

“I established that there was obstruction, insults and delay of officers from executing their duties as they were not allowed to search in some bags and were insulted,” he said.

He said the offence Mr Chanda committed of using insulting language was likely to land him in prison for three months and the offence of obstruction involving his wife and sister in-law goes up to two years imprisonment.

“I am therefore challenged to put you on your defence so that the Court can hear your side of the story, as I found you with a case to answer,” said magistrate Makalicha.

The Court has set April 25, 2022 for defence.


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