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Misunderstandings are normal in parties – PF chief


MISUNDERSTANDINGS are normal in a political party and will not make it impossible for the Patriotic Front to bounce back in 2026, says its acting national chairperson, Davis Chama.

Mr Chama said unlike the narrative that PF was disintegrating due to the hostilities and mistrust among senior members it was actually not the case.

He said the party was still intact and reorganising itself to make a comeback in the next elections which were slated for August 2026.

“What I can tell you is that misunderstandings are normal but that does not mean that the mistrusts were deep rooted and could not be ironed out.

Mr Chama said some people who had personal differences with individuals were trying to create an impression that the PF was in disarray which was not the case.

He said the party used to have such problems even when they were in power but that they managed to resolve their problems.

Mr Chama said every grouping had people with different views and beliefs but that they always found common ground to sort out their issues.

He said the leadership of the party was encouraging members to remain united and tolerant with one another because unity was what would propel the party to greater heights.

Mr Chama said there would also be no perfect situation in both the ruling and opposition parties which was a normal phenomenon.

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