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THE new dawn administration will not allow any kind of politics at the Black Mountain and whoever brings disorder at the slug dump will be on their own, Mines and Minerals Development Minister Paul Kabuswe said yesterday.

He said the disturbance at the slug dump was partly sponsored by some people who have been benefitting alone from the Black Mountain.

Mr Kabuswe also agreed that granting of only two hours of picking time to hand pickers was an oversight as the chrome should have been moved from the mountain to designated safe places for them to pick from.

“The scheduled two-hour ultimutum infuriated the chrome hand pickers who then ran amok on 15th March, 2022. This disrupted operations at the site and prompted the Mines Safety Department and the mine management team to involve state security to keep the miners away as their conduct was against the mining regulations which forbid miners from working from heights due to safety concerns.”

Mr Kabuswe said Government will ensure that a cross section of society benefits and that no one will be stopped from benefitting from the site regardless of their political affiliation.

He explained that in an effort to empower youths and women, Government through the

Ministry of Mines handed over 30 percent of the Black Mountain to a consortium of Copperbelt mining ventures and the Association of Zambian Women in Mining.

He said the empowerment initiative is not only expected to empower the youths and women with jobs, but will also ensure that the mineral resources at the Black Mountain are exploited in an orderly manner.

Mr Kabuswe said Government has also established a revolving fund through the District Commissioner’s office which will benefit cooperatives.

He said four designated hand picking points have been put in place in Nkandabwe, Saint Anthony, Starlite and 16-Feet areas.

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