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PS explains non publication of recruitment advert


THE recruitment of health workers has been postponed and could not be advertised as arranged because of technicalities which cabinet needs to clear, ministry of Health permanent secretary administration, George Magwende, has said.

PS explains non publication of recruitment advert

He was reacting to revelations of a recruitment letter on social media dated March 9, 2022 suggesting that the recruitment process started a long time while the citizenry was waiting for the official advert.

However, Dr. Magwende said that people should look out for the advert on recruitment this week because it had not been canceled.

He said that the advert was delayed because of the advice from cabinet to add some technicities that were not part of the advert.

Dr. Magwende said that it was a well-known fact that media houses have got their own deadlines for that particular day and if any advert was delayed it could not run on that particular day.

However,  National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Saboi Imboela said that the people of Zambia should be wary of the government’s inconsistencies regarding the recruitment of health workers.

Ms. Imboela said that the UPND government has not been truthful in the way they do things from the time they came into power and it was important that they are kept in check.

She said people should not easily forget that this was a party that rose to power through deception and they had continued on the same trajectory even now that they were in government.

“They are a bunch of liars,” she said.

Ms. Imboela said that there was no way a notification was issued in the state print media telling the people to look out for the advert for the recruitment of health workers on March 21, 2022 and it was now two days, the said advert had not been published.

She said it was good that the people of Zambia were seeing and have known the UPND government for who they were and would hold them accountable.

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