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Govt official accused of pocketing K149m using threats


Lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has accused a senior government of pocketing about K149 million using his position.

Mr. Ngulube alleged that the senior government official obtained the millions using the police who locked up the lawyer handling the matter of foreign teachers and forced them to withdraw  an injunction.

He said in an interview following a Facebook post that the foreign teachers sued Government under a named law firm which belongs to the late father of the named government official, for failure to pay them

Mr Ngulube, who produced the ex-parte order for interim junction and notice of discontinuous over the matter, said the expatriates sued the government after a dispute arose over the money owed but the two parties agreed to settle the matter outside court.

He said the senior government received the K149 million from the expatriates despite having been paid about K1.5 million as legal fees using threats

Ngulube wondered how the named senior government who prior to his appointment in government was a practicing lawyer got the millions when he was no longer active.

“We want to know how  this government official pocketed K149 million from the expatriates who sued  government when he was no longer practicing as a lawyer,” he said.

Mr Ngulube has challenged the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Financial Intelligence Centre to state what the money received by the government official was meant for.

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