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I’m not firing Kabuswe for shutting down Black Mountain – HH


I AM not firing Mines and Mineral Resources Minister Paul Kabuswe because he is implementing a cabinet directive to suspend operations at the Black Mountain in Kitwe, President Hakainde Hichilema has said.

President Hichilema was reacting to media reports that Mr. Kabuswe should be fired for alleged corrupt involvement in the Black Mountain operations and that he was personally benefitting against the initial intention of empowering the youth.

Mr. Hichilema however said he would not fire Mr. Kabuswe because he instructed him to temporarily suspend operations at the Black Mountain following a few teething issues that needed to be resolved.

Speaking yesterday at a press conference, Mr Hichilema said he would not bow to public pressure to fire Mr. Kabuswe on allegations that he was part of the alleged corruption at the Black Mountain because he acted on his instructions.

The President that he instructed Mr. Kabuswe to temporarily suspend works at the Black Mountain, therefore calls to fire him were not justified.

‘’I am not firing Kabuswe  because he is implementing a cabinet decision and he is singled out that he is corrupt and the President must fire him, no I am not firing Kabuswe because I have asked Kabuswe to shut that thing,” he said.

And President Hichilema said Government made a mistake to allow the illegal mining at Mumbwa mine until people died.


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