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LAWYERS representing Raphael Nakacinda say that Police are not acting independently on the arrest of their client who is being held by police in connection with his alleged tribal remarks against the President.  

And Mr Nakacinda was yesterday driven to the North-Western Province by police after they assured his lawyers, Mr Makebi Zulu that he would be taken to Lusaka Central Police. 

Mr Zulu complained that it appeared there would be no fair treatment for his client following comments made by President Hakainde Hichilema at his press conference that “Nakacinda must pay for his crime.” 

However, speaking to the media after he visited his client at Kabwata police station, Mr Zulu said Mr Nakacinda was in high spirits and has given them full instructions on how to proceed with the issue.  

Earlier, Mr Zulu said senior police officers had indicated to him that access to Mr Nakacinda was restricted and had his phones confiscated. 

“From the look of things and the presser the President had, it’s clear that the police may not be acting independently because in the words of the President, “Mr Nakacinda must pay,” he said. 

Mr Zulu said Mr Nakacinda is innocent and ready to go to court to prove his innocence, adding that the words, “ubututu” attributed to him, did not mean what the President alleged at the press briefing that Mr Nakacinda said a foolish person was picked as president. 

He said they are looking forward to a fair treatment of their client by the police and that short of that they will have no option but approach the courts of law to ensure he is not held without a formal charge. 

Mr Zulu complained that it was wrong  for  police to transport Mr Nakacinda to Solwezi police station where he has been reported, when the alleged crime against their client was committed in Lusaka and must be tried in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, leader of the opposition in parliament Brian Mundubile says President Hichilema is still bitter and has not healed from his past mistreatment. 

He appealed to Mr Hichilema to heal from the past and start governing the country for the benefit of all Zambians. 

Mr Mundubile also said the opposition is shocked that during the press briefing the President went ahead to comment on matters that are before the courts of law.


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