Shishuwa says pf could bounce back , but…


The Patriotic Front (PF) can bounce back into power if they sort out their leadership, University of Zambia lecturer and researcher, Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa has said.

According to a  tweet he posted yesterday Dr. Sishuwa said that PF had a stable base and was facing an incumbent who remains vulnerable to rivals who could exploit economic grievances in urban centres with promises to rural areas that feel marginalized.

And in response to some of the people who were saying that no well-meaning Zambian could vote for PF, he said people should bear in mind that recently 11,192 people voted for a PF candidate in the Kabwata parliamentary by-elections one that was narrowly won by the UPND contestants who got 13, 574.

Dr Sishuwa said that the person the PF would choose as their presidential candidate would be key to their future political prospects.

He also said that governance was communication and the UPND was very poor in that area.


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