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MUSIC producer and promoter Bwalya Kalandanya says it is unreasonable for the Patriotic Front (PF) to assume that he produced the campaign songs for the 2021 general elections as charity when the parties signed a K13.5 million contract.

Mr Kalandanya, trading as Kalandanya Music Promotions, said the PF should not dodge the obligations of the contract as agreed simply because its political aspirations were unsuccessful and now facing hardships.

This is a matter in which Mr Kalandanya sued Mr Nickson Chilangwa in his capacity as PF acting Secretary General in the Lusaka High Court for breach of contract and he has demanded for K13.5 million for the musical services offered to the party during the August 12, 2021, general elections.

Mr Kalandanya stated that following a written agreement signed by both parties on June 12, 2021, he proceeded to record, produce, market and promote over 70 songs and music videos during the 2021 campaign period which include the famous song, Solly (Alebwelelapo).

In defence, Mr Chilangwa contended that there was no such contract between the party and the record label, thus, the plaintiff did so as charity.

But Mr Kalandanya in his reply stated that the said contract was in fact signed off by the national chairman of the party for and on its behalf for the sum of K13, 500, 000.

He said he was engaged by the party on a commercial basis to advance its political aspirations.

“The mere fact that the defendant did not achieve its political aspirations is of no consequence to this commercial agreement and the defendant should not try and avoid this simple contractual obligations based on its own hardships,” Mr Kalandanya said.

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