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Arrests disturbing not no longer shocking- Lubinda


There is a disturbing development in the country where laws have seemingly been changed without Parliament being involved as reflected in the  arrest and moving of a suspect from the place where an offense was allegedly committed to somewhere else, Patriotic Front acting president, Given Lubinda has charged.

Mr Lubinda said it was a disturbing development but no longer shocking.

He was referring to the arrest and subsequent detention of Mr Raphael Nakachinda, who was transported from Lusaka to North Western province where the matter was reported though the offense  was  allegedly committed in Lusaka.

Mr Nakachinda, who has been released on bail, denied faming President Hakainde Hichilema. He is yet to take plea on another charge.

Mr Lubinda said it is disturbing that UPND had chosen to heighten the charge of defamation of the president when they campaigned against it when they were in opposition.

It is, he said, hypocritical for them to use the same Cyber Security Act they criticized to suppress complaints against the rising cost of living.

He said there are many youths he knows, who are on the run for fear of being arrested for voicing out against the wrong decisions that the UPND administration were making. “We cannot be getting detained for commenting on the president’s hair style or suit,” he said.

He also condemned the riotous behavior of UPND cadres at the magistrate court where Mr Nakachinda’s matter was being held.  “Very disturbing,” he said.

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