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… I received ACC summons on Friday and I was busy


I can not hide from the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), former Lusaka province minister, Bowman Lusambo has said.

Mr Lusambo was clarifying his  failure to appear at the ACC offices  on Friday.

The ACC has indicated that they were awaiting him on Friday.

But Mr Lusambo, his lawyers brought the call out on Friday afternoon and he was already engaged in other important activities.

“You think ifwe twakulaikalafye  ati ba ACC batwita twaya? Tatwakwata ifyakuchita . We have a lot of things to do in our lives, a lot of things,” Mr Lusambo said.

He maintained that he would avail himself to the ACC this week. “We shall go and hear what they want to say. Twalaya. But we  know that ACC has nothing, nothing. They can dig and dig , no matter what, they wont find anything.”

He said, “that is why they (ACC) are now coming to the house claiming it was proceeds of crime. Let them come. Let them arrest us, claiming we have stolen.”

He said he would at the ACC offices by Wednesday.

“But we know what they want and what they have been looking for. They said  we have been talking to their witnesses, but we don’t know their witnesses. And they don’t know my witnesses. So We will go and hear what  they are looking for,” he said.

I am, he said, a  member of Parliament. I am a fixed abode. My home is in Chamba Valley.  How can I hide and where can I hide?”

“Bowman can hide in Zambia? How?”

He also maintained that the ACC can not seize his animals and that all these properties they are talking about were bought with his money not government money.


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