Police hold Tayali


ECONOMIC and Equity Party president Chilufya Tayali has been detained by the police after he went to make a complaint.

Mr Tayali went to make a complaint at the Lusaka Central Police against Peter Mwale and Vincent Makondo for lying to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) against the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

In twist of events, the police decided to detain and interrogate Mr Tayali for undisclosed reasons.

“I am officially making a complaint, at Central Police, against Peter Mwale and Vincent Makondo for lying to ACC against the DPP and I hope they will act, like they do on us,” Mr Tayali’s Facebook post read.

Mr Tayali during a press briefing on Wednesday indicated that the head of State was scheming by sending people to the ACC and fabricating false charges against the DPP director, Ms Lillian Siyuni.

He said the two individuals were fabricating lies just to implicate Ms Siyuni and have her hounded out of office.

Mr Tayali said the president was the one orchestrating the whole thing and that it was shameful that they were using kindergarten tactics.

“We have the presidency scheming, sending people to spread pure lies that the DPP is a blood relative of former Konkola Copper Mines provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu when in fact not and mind you lying to a public office is a crime,” he said.

A close associate to Mr Tayali who wanted to remain anonymous said he was still in custody and they had not given any reasons for holding him.

He said the police e interrogated him for a long time but that they had not charged him despite keeping him detained.

And Police Spokesperson Rae Haamonga said the police would issue a comprehensive statement once they had concluded.

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