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Stop persecuting our children, warns GBM


THE UPND Government should stop this tendency of persecuting our children because we are going to do the same to theirs when they leave office, PF chairperson for mobilization Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.

Mr Mwamba said it was shocking that the new dawn government was even following their children who were not even politicians in the persecution of the PF senior members.

He said they were setting up a very bad precedent which would back fire because people were watching the injustice.

Mr Mwamba said that the ending would be very bad because they were targeting their children who were not even on the political arena. 

He said his children and that of the former republican president Edgar Lungu were subjected to interrogations which was a clear witch-hunt targeted at implicating them.

Mr Mwamba said that summoning of Dalitso Lungu was a direct attack on him despite the president assuring him that they would not have anything to do with him.

“the thing is they are targeting our children and next time it will be theirs we are going to target them as well and you know politics are very funny they are not going to be their forever,” he said.

He urged the UPND to continue but that they should be able to shoulder the reparcations once they left office as they

had set a very bad motion. Mr Mwamba said what was consoling was the fact that they were not performing well and that they risked leaving office in 2026.

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