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Transfers of magistrates is fulfillment of schemes to circumvent course of justice, says Musoma


WE are not shocked by the sudden transfer of magistrates from Lusaka to various districts because it was a fulfilment of the schemes that were plotted in the leaked audio circulating on social media, Zambia Republican Party president Wright Musoma has said.

Mr Musoma said what happened shortly after judgment involving case the former minister of Tourism and Arts, Mr Ronald Chitotela was ruled in his favour was the transfer of 11 magistrates from Lusaka to other areas.

He said this was part of the scheme that was discussed in an audio circulating on social media in which it  was planned to promote any magistrate willing to jail members of the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

“What happened just proved their critics right,” he said.

Mr Musoma said it was clear that the UPND administration was trying to intimidate the Judiciary in an effort to use them to fix their political opponents.

He said Zambians should unite and fight the manoeuvres by the UPND regime because they were trying by all means to infiltrate the Judiciary so that they could be in control.

Mr Musoma said the fight against injustice under the UPND has become fierce because there were various plans to fix anyone who seemed not to be in agreement with what they were doing.

He said what made it fierce was that institutions and organisations that used to speak for the people when things were not going in the right direction have gone silent.

Mr Musoma said one would wonder where the Law Association of Zambia was when magistrates were being transferred.

He said if the people who were being transferred were being deemed as problems then why where they transferring them to other places.

Mr Musoma said the church and the non-governmental organisations that were the voices of the voiceless have all of a sudden gone silent.

He said Zambians need to work together against all the injustices that were happening around because no one can suppress the voices in unity.

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