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Be Patient, Zambians urged


Be patient and allow us to work on improving the country’s economy, the government has urged Zambians.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development minister, Garry Nkombo said the government was doing its best to solidify the country’s economy so that the people could begin to reap the benefits.

Mr. Nkombo said in an interview that only when the economy improves would Zambians begin to reap the benefits of the efforts being put in place by the government to normalise the current economic situation.

“Life in Zambia is now normalising, so we ask Zambians to be patient, we are working inside the act of improving the economy,” he said.

Mr. Nkombo said the UPND administration was finding ways of dismantling the debt that the previous government left behind in its bid to improve the economy because the money the country owes cannot be ignored.

And on concerns from stakeholders that the UPND Members of Parliament (MPs) were too defensive when answering questions in parliament, Mr. Nkombo said it was not so.

Mr. Nkombo said the ruling MPs were not being defensive but ensuring that they respond to questions raised by the opposition in line with the policies of the UPND as the party in government.

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