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Kwacha depreciation worrying – ZACA


THE rate at which the Kwacha is losing its buying power making it less valuable amidst economic challenges being faced, is worrying, the Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) has said.

ZACA Executive Director Juba Sakala said it is no secret that for the past one month prices of goods and services have been rising which is having a negative impact on the purchasing power of the local currency.

He said the current cost of living among other costs that people survive on does not correlate with the value that the Kwacha has at this time.

He said this calls for serious measures that will result in more money in circulation as well as opportunities for people to have the resources needed.

Mr. Sakala said this is the time that the government as well as other experts get to sit and deliberate on such matters to see the way forward and ensure that the Kwacha still remains valuable.

He said the government should however continue to implement mitigation measures for the vulnerable.

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