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LGBT debate pointless, it has no impact on people’s lives


THE current debate on Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender ( LGBT) rights is unnecessary because it has no direct impact on the lives of Zambians, New Congress Party (NCP) leader, Peter Chanda has said.

Pastor Chanda said the debate was untimely and a waste of time because it would not help to bring down the high cost of living that Zambians are currently subjected to.

He said in an interview that the continuous debate was shifting the focus on more important issues such as subsidizing the cost of fuel in order to have a reduction in the high cost of living.

 “It’s not one thing that we should keep talking about, the first thing Zambians need to understand is what benefit is there to gain by promoting the debate on gay rights in the country,” he said.

Pastor Chanda said LGBT was not a subject that Zambians should entertain because it’s something that they have rejected to endorse.

He commended the UPND administration for its stance on LGBT and urged them to ensure that no individual or institution was allowed to push the agenda that it does not support.

Pastor Chanda said Zambia was a Christian nation in which such an issue should not be given prominence because it has nothing to benefit the people.

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