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Mukula dealers confident State will clear mess in trade


THE mess that has for a long time characterised the trade in Mukula species would be cleaned by the government because of the political will that it has shown, Mukula traders have said.

A trader, Mr James Simwanza, said the government has shown political will in bringing sanity in Mukula trade and ensuring that Zambians benefit which was commendable.

Mr. Simwanza said in an interview that the traders are pleased with the transparent way in which finalisation of the procedures and guidelines to facilitate the lifting of the ban was being done.

“We are very happy that the government has shown political will in ensuring that the locals benefit from Mukula trade and the process of facilitating the lifting of the ban is very transparent,” he said.

Another trader, Mr Ricky Kaona urged the government to speed up the process of lifting the ban on Mukula trade before the commencement of the rain season.

Mr. Kaona said the process should be concluded as soon as possible so that trade could resume within a few months remaining before the rains.

He said the inventory of the Mukula trees has been done and completed and traders are hopeful that after applicants receive the concession licences, the business would commence.

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