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‘UPND ‘debt’ risking national assets’


THE country and its assets are at risk due to the excessive borrowing being undertaken by the UPND regime, says PF publicity chairperson Raphael Nakacinda.

Mr Nakacinda said companies like Zesco and Zamtel risked being repossessed looking at the rate the new dawn government was borrowing.

He said that UNIP in 27 years only borrowed US$7.5 billion while MMD and PF combined got US$12.9 billion.

Mr Nakacinda said it was shocking that the UPND government managed to borrow US$4.5 billion in just two months of ascending to power.

“I feel our assets are in danger and if we continue on this same trajectory, we might just end up losing companies like Zesco,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Nakacinda said that he felt the recent visit by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Zambia was tricky because he had interests in Zesco.

He said Mr Blair was one of the first people that visited Zambia and that for a long time he has had interests in Zesco.

“These people should not continue with this because it will have a negative impact on us in the long run if we continue like this,” he said.

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