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NDC vows to get justice for late Obed Kasongo


THE National Democratic Congress will do everything possible to ensure that Obed Kasongo gets justice over his death, NDC President Saboi Imboela has said.

Ms. Imboela said three of the victims of assault on the day Mr Kasongo was attacked have reopened the case in court and NDC will remind the courts that there was another person who could not speak for himself because he died a few weeks after the attack.

Mr Kasongo died in 2019 a few weeks after he was assaulted during the 2019 Roan constituency parliamentary by-election by suspected Patriotic Front cadres.

Ms. Imboela said they have not changed their position that Mr Kasongo died because of that assault by the cadres.

She said according to witnesses and Mr Kasongo’s own words, he was allegedly attacked by former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.

Ms. Imboela said Mr Kasongo was badly injured on the day of the attack especially in the head and before his death, he kept on saying that he would not rest until he got justice.

She said there was too much political brutality during that period and because the perpetrators of the violence were the ones in power they never did much to pursue justice because most of the avenues were being obstructed.

She said when an inquest is opened in the case of Mr Kasongo, the party has a line of witnesses and the documentation they had prepared that could help with the case.

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