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Lower Zambezi mine on in December


WE expect the mine in Lower Zambezi National Park by Mwembeshi Resources to start operating in December this year, says Feira Member of Parliament Emmanuel Tembo.

In an interview in Lusaka, Mr Tembo said currently Mwembeshi Resources was working on the access road before sending equipment to the mine site. He said government needs income from the mine and copper prices were at the highest peak.

He said it is high time government and Zambians seized such an opportunity. “For us people of Luangwa it is a good development because the mine is in our district. Luangwa district council will the mine rates, people will be employed, and Luangwa will boast of an industry because we don’t have any at the moment.

 “The mine will have ripple effects for food producers and suppliers as they will have a ready market. Equipment suppliers and engineers to service them will also benefit,” Mr. Tembo said.

He said local people who would be employed by the mine were expected to learn other jobs so that even if they were to leave they would be able to work elsewhere using the experience they would gain from the mine.

Mr Tembo said the area that was forgotten would be known to the outside world and people could use the mine to market local tourism.

Mr. Tembo said the mine would also be used for research on how mining could be done within a game park. He said the mine owners are expected to use their corporate social responsibility in supplementing government efforts of addressing priorities areas such as education, health, and water and sanitation.


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