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UPND recruitment protest is sour grapes – Kabimba


THE UPND protest over the recruitment process is because those recruiting are doing a professional job and in so doing their unqualified members, says Economic Front President, Wynter Kabimba. Mr. Kabimba said those in charge of recruitment are professional bodies who follow the clearly stipulated guidelines of recruitment therefore anyone who fails to meet the requirement is left out.

He said in an interview that it was hypocritical for UPND to do the exact thing they condemned while in the opposition and in doing so they are worse.

Mr. Kabimba said the Teaching Service Commission was a professional body and has been recruiting for many years and the prescribed qualifications are clear.

“The UPND want to turn the recruitment of public workers into partisan recruitments. They want their members and supporters to be recruited that is why you see objections from a provincial minister, member of parliament and the district commissioner,” he said. Mr. Kabimba said Zambians are finding it difficult to have confidence in the recruitment process that was interfered with by the ruling party.

He said it would be difficult to have a successful recruitment process when the ruling party was trying hard to usurp the powers of professional bodies responsible.

Mr. Kabimba said recruitment of the teachers and health workers keeps on being postponed because the UPND want their unqualified members to be added to the list.

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