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Government not promoting local drug manufacturers  – Kampyongo

By Nation Reporter

GOVERNMENT has neglected the only indigenous company that produces drips and instead is importing from abroad, Shiwangandu Member of Parliament Stephen Kampyongo has said. To

Mr Kampyongo said the minister had neglected International Drug Company which was the only company that produced intravenous drips and had stocks readily available.

He said Government should be magnanimous enough and be able to give Zambian firms to manufacture and supply pharmaceutical products rather than concentrate on foreign entities.

Mr Kampyongo said the move by the minister of Health to cut out a Zambian company that manufactures intravenous drips even after the committee on health recommended that there was need to promote local firms, was sad.

He said that the committee even went as far as Tanzania where they saw how government helps and empowers local firms dealing in pharmaceutical products.

He said it was shocking that the minister abandoned the local firms and opted to get such things abroad.

“We saw in the report that there is a company called International Drug Company with stocks the intravenous drips, but what does the minister do, she abandons them because they want to work with new people,” he said.

He said Government needed to be very sincere when dealing with health matters as lives were at stake.

Mr Kampyongo said there was no point to punish firms that were saving lives and government should be magnanimous in such matters.

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