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UPND queries socialist gay support


UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has challenged the Socialist Party to redeem themselves from accusations of  supporting gay rights by Economic Front president Wynter Kabimba.

He said there was an allegation that the Socialist party did not only stand for socialism but also gay rights.

Mr Mweetwa said this country was a Christian nation and the UPND were the ones presiding over the affairs of this nation so there was no way they could keep quiet on such issues.

He said the gay movement was gaining momentum around the world and they were looking for opportunities to expand their principles.

Mr Mweetwa said they were looking for ways to penetrate conservative societies like Zambia.

He said to achieve their goals the gay movement had started sponsoring political parties so that such a political party forms government they could begin to promulgated legislation of laws that support their movement.

He said during the Milenge and Lubanseshi by-elections they saw some political parties with lots of money.

Mr Mweetwa said one of the political leaders camped in Milenge for close to a month heavily funded. He said that now they were beginning to link such funding to that of the gay movement because those people have a lot of money in order to bring acceptability.

Mr Mweetwa said they were the same people who were calling President Hakainde Hichilema as a puppet of western imperialism when they were puppets of gaysim.

He said this country should not allow the puppets of gaysim to take over the reign of this country.

“This should not be allowed to blossom in this country,” he said.

Mr Mweetwa said they appreciate Mr. Kabimba for allegedly revealing such mischievous undertaking that were happening in the country.

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