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Chiefs not beggars, Banda tells President Hichilema


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema insulted traditional leaders in Muchinga Province by claiming that they are sad because his Government is not giving them tusaka twandalama (handouts), says Petauke Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Banda.

Mr Banda blamed President Hichilema’s handlers who he accused of failing to advise him regarding what he said to people.

He said the traditional leaders were not sad because they do not receive free gifts from the ruling UPND, but because of the pressure they were receiving from their subjects pertaining to the high cost of living.

“Chiefs are not beggars whatever they do they do it for their subjects, we cannot the president to be calling them beggars, the chiefs never used to receive tusaka twandalama from the previous Governments they just had a good working relationship CLICK TO READ MORE


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