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IT is rubbish to claim that the PF government has engaged a private company, YengaTech to bribe opposition Members of Parliament to support Bill 10, UPND Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa has said.

Prof Lungwangwa, who was part of the Parliamentary Select Committee on constitutional amendment bill number 10, said he could not comment more as he had on several occasions justified his support for bill 10.
He said it is rubbish to suggest that he and others have been bought to support the constitution amendment number bill 10 of 2019.
“I will not comment further on that rubbish,” he said.
Earlier, Prof Lungwagwa said no one could buy him to support Bill 10 and that every decision he had made was out of his conviction.
Meanwhile, YengaTech company owned by Danny Yenga has dismissed as malicious a story in an online publication alleging that President Edgar Lungu has engaged the firm to bribe opposition MPs to support bill 10.
Company representative Emmanuel Chisanga said such assertions are false, baseless and malicious.
Mr Chisanga said the story is the work of the enemy whose intention is to malign Mr. Yenga, taint the professional standing of Yenga Tech Limited and bring the name of the head of State into disrepute.
“We wish to categorically state that at no time has Mr. Yenga or YENGATECH LTD been engaged by President Edgar Lungu or any one from Government,” Mr Chisanga said.
He said Mr Yenga is a renowned business man who has been doing business for a very long time in a clean and professional manner in line with the laws of Zambia and in accordance with the best business practices devoid of any fraud or favours from anyone.”
Mr Chisanga said the company’s legal team was studying the matter and appropriate action shall be taken to redress the situation accordingly.


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