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Mumbi phiri cause-listed

...finally the court has granted Mumbi Phiri chance to appear

Mumbi Phiri, whose incarceration for almost a year without trial has drawn wide condemnation, has finally been cause-listed and will appear in court on October 3.
According to the Mongu High Court papers, Ms Phiri with her co-accused Shebby Chilekwa are expected to appear before Judge Wilfred Muma on October 3, 2022 for plea.

But PF Chairperson for Publicity and Information Raphael Nakacinda said that it was unfortunate that it took several months to have her cause listed, a move meant to frustrate her.
Mr Nakacinda said that it was unfortunate that people were politicking in the matter and they just wanted to punish Ms Phiri who everyone knew was very innocent.
“My appeal is for the High Court to be magnanimous and give the duo a fair trial despite them going for several days in incarceration,” he said.
Ms Mumbi was arrested in February and later co-charged with former President Edgar Lungu’s barber Shebby Chilekwa for the death of UPND member Lawrence Banda who was gunned down during a by-election in the area.
Ms Phiri , who is former Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general has however had several of her appeals by lawyers to be put on the cause list, overlooked despite her and her co-accused having stayed for eight months without being taken to court, raising concerns from stakeholders including the Chief Justice.
Meanwhile Ms Phiri’s lawyer Charles Changana said it was long overdue and that he was hopeful that justice would prevail.
Mr Changana said it was good that the Mongu Cause listing Committee finally responded to the plight of the accused who deserved justice. “I must say this is encouraging and I hope that now our clients will receive justice which is the most paramount thing,” he said.
Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu, CiSCA and opposition leaders have consistently complained over the incarceration of Ms Phiri without trial.


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