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UPND used Govt vehicles to ferry cadres to Luangwa – Miles


THE UPND used government vehicles to ferry cadres responsible for the mayhem in the just ended Luangwa Council chairperson by-elections, Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has said.

Mr Sampa was speaking at a PF media briefing at Parliament yesterday.

He explained that on the polling day as he was driving to one of the polling stations to monitor what was happening, he was overtaken by three brand new looking 4×4 vehicles without number plates carrying cadres and the day of the election as he was travelling back to Lusaka, vehicles by-passed him again but this time with GRZ number plates.

“I am not lying, they should investigate this,” he said.

He said the UPND were moving from one polling station to the other and harassing anyone they found there from the opposition and doing nothing if they were the only ones.

Mr Sampa said it was unfortunate that the minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Mr Jack Mwiimbu, in his ministerial statement on the violence that happened in the by-election chose to apportion the blame on the Feira Member of Parliament, Mr Emmanuel Tembo.

He said it did not make sense to accuse Mr. Tembo who was a victim of the UPND attacks.  His car was smashed, he had blood on his head and it was clear for anyone to see.

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