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I’m not fired – Nkandu


IT is totally false, unfounded and malicious to peddle rumours that I have been fired for allegedly shooting my wife and Zambians should keep themselves busy with productive things than spending time gossiping about other people, Elvis Nkandu has said.

Mr Nkandu has dispelled social media gossip that he has been fired for allegedly shooting his wife over a matrimonial misunderstanding, stating that the rumours were nothing but propaganda to compel President Hakainde Hichilema to dismiss him from government.

Mr Nkandu, the Minister of Sports and Youth said it was unfortunate that some people were going round speculating that he had been fired.

Mr Nkandu said that a number of propaganda messages had been spread that President Hichilema had relieved him of his duties when the head of State had not even spoken to him about the alleged shooting incident.

He said there was a group of people that was trying to frustrate him but that he would not be swayed by such politicking.

“I have seen those social media postings but I can assure you that I have not been fired and as I speak to you I’m in my office right now,” Mr Nkandu said.

Mr Nkandu said that he would continue working hard to improve the livelihood of Zambians and that people should stop maligning him just to gain cheap political mileage.

Social media recently went awash with information that Mr Nkandu had been fired for shooting his wife in the leg after an argument an allegation the sports minister vehemently refused.

He said that his mandate was to serve the people and that he was up to task and would not be frustrated by the malice which was being propagated.


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