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Fire inept Ministers, Hichilema urged


Some ministers are a hindrance to the fight against corruption because they are also involved in the vice, which the new dawn administration is fighting, Emerald Production Watch of Zambia (EPWOZ) president Musa Kafimbwa has said.

Mr Kafimbwa has since warned cabinet ministers and those holding senior government positions to desist from engaging in corruption because his organisation will be forced to gather evidence against them and report to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). 

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Kafimbwa advised President Hakainde Hichilema to consider reshuffling his cabinet and to identify and appoint individuals who will not engage in corruption. 

Mr Kafimbwa said it was important for cabinet ministers to align themselves with President Hichilema’s vision for the country. 

Mr Kafimbwa said although the new dawn administration had recorded positive developments in some sectors of the economy it had neglected the mining sector hence the need for President Hichilema to reshuffle his cabinet and replace non-performing and corrupt ministers

 “President Hichilema has strong ideas to change the lives of Zambians, but we feel he is lacking a team that will make him deliver on his promises. After being elected in 2021 to date, he has made multiple achievements, but, in the mining sector, we feel we have a challenge to see the benefits from our God-given resources.

“We feel it is time to make reshuffles in key ministries and it is not too late because there are some Members of Parliament who can make our President deliver. There are several sleeping cabinet ministers today and with them in positions, the fight against corruption will not be achieved,’’ Mr Kafimbwa said.

 He said cabinet ministers and senior government officials should desist from engaging in corruption because they were in those positions not to serve their own interests but to serve the people of Zambia.

 “It is not the job of the ACC to go and tell ministers that this is corruption. We are gathering and seeing information and so, one day, if we report them to ACC, they should not cry foul or complain,’’ he said.

Mr Kafimbwa said his organisation was saddened to see President Hichilema flying in and out of the country to pursue Foreign Direct Investment for the benefit of Zambians but was quick to state that the President needs rest.


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