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Monitor children’s progress, parents of Zambian students in India advised


ZAMBIA’s High Commissioner to India Percy Chanda has appealed to parents and guardians of Zambian students pursuing studies in India to diligently monitor their children’s progress. 

The appeal comes in response to reports of students opting to remain in India illegally after dropping out of universities without notifying their families.

Mr Chanda recently convened a meeting with Zambia student leaders during which the leaders expressed concern over cases of students who abandon their studies without notifying their parents and guardians and as a result end up staying in India illegally.  

He urged parents back in Zambia to ensure that their children were enrolled in school with valid immigration documents, the Mission’s limited access to the details of every student in India, underscoring hence the necessity for collaborative efforts between parents and the Mission to address the issue effectively.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.


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