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FINANCIAL support to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is needed to enable them to continue operating in the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic outbreak, the Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) KCCI has said.
KCCI president, Christabel Ngongola Reinke said yesterday support towards SMEs during this period was crucial because they form the basis for any economy.
Ms. Reinke said in an interview that SMEs not only support corporate businesses by constantly supplying them with goods and services but are also larger employers in the country.
“We are pushing for SMEs support because they form the basis for any economy, they supply to big corporates, multinationals and employ more than large corporate companies,” said Ms. Reinke.
She urged government to come up with a package to help the SMEs stay alive during this Covid-19 crisis when economic activity was being suppressed by the disease impact.
And the chamber has joined calls from some sections of society for a complete lockdown of Lusaka city to avert the spread of Covid-19 global pandemic to the rest of the country.
Ms Reinke said that enforcing a lockdown of Lusaka which is the epicentre would help the government through the Ministry of Health manage to stop the spread of the fatal disease that has ravaged the world.
Ms. Reinke said the government through the Lusaka City Council should ensure that people, especially street vendors, stay at home and only allow those carrying essential goods and services to move.
“Lusaka should be under lockdown for the government to effectively stop the spread of Covid-19 because it is the epicenter.
People should not be allowed to be roaming the streets but should stay at home, only people carrying essential goods and services should be allowed to move,” said Ms. Reinke.

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