Introducing Kaina Song Bird

KAINA Konga aka Kaina Songbird is a fast-rising RnB/Afro-Pop artiste who is certainly one to look out for!
Her sound is largely inspired by the likes of artistes such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Brandy, Sia, Beyonce and many more.
Although she has been singing most of her life, her debut single ‘Gimme love,’ ft. Thee Ajay was released in December 2017. She aspires to ignite a flame in her audience
that will chart a new path in the expansion of RnB/Afro-pop music on the Zambian music platform and beyond.
Her goal is to create music that feels good to listen to as well as challenges listeners to ponder over those aspects of life that she feels are important and worth giving voice to.
Some of those values include, personal growth as individuals when it comes to acknowledging one’s worth on the planet and in the mirror, the challenges that many African women in the music/entertainment industry face and the facilities provided (or not) in order to empower and encourage more women to reach their dreams.
Her overall message is one of empowerment, growth and change through love.
“We all know there is no other tool on the planet that brings people together more than music,” she insists as she feels music is an acute reminder of what it feels like to love without condition or reservation.
Her prayer is to use the gift of the song to spread a message of unity and kindness to one another by first learning to be kind to ourselves. She could not be more excited to share her music with the world.
Her latest song is called ‘Reign’ and it is released in her quest to seek international fame and put Zambia on the music map.
“We, Serato Media, are thrilled to announce the release of Kaina Songbird’s latest compilation; “Reign”.
Reign is available on all major digital platforms, such as YouTube, for purchasing and streaming,” stated Serato Media, Kaina’s management team.
Produced and engineered by Lord Jazz®, ‘ Reign’ is a single performed primarily in English and reveals Kaina’s great vocal abilities.
The R&B and Afro-pop artiste wrote this song to spread her message about overcoming challenges and being triumphant through perseverance.
Kaina Songbird identifies herself as a singer and songwriter, well-known for her chart-topping single, ‘My way home’.”
Her fans must look out for the full album that is set to be released in the coming weeks.

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