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SMEs urged to use COVID-19 bailout prudently

SMALL Medium Entrepreneurs must use the funds which will be disbursed by government through COVID-19 recovery fund prudently in order to help in stimulating the economy, Patriotic Front (PF) in Central Province has said.
PF Central Province Chairperson for Mobilisation Charity Kapona said the SMEs must take advantage of the opportunity to ensure that their businesses thrive amid the COVID 19.
Mrs Kapona said that the sector was critical to the country’s economic growth and it was prudent that they utilized the funds in an appropriate manner.
She said in an interview yesterday, the government was eager to ensure that the sector survived because it was a contributor to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
The PF Central Province deputy chief, said the onus was now on the SMEs to ensure that their businesses grew despite the deadly pandemic which had engulfed the country.
“It was exciting that the President thought about his children during this difficult period because their businesses were seriously in disarray.
For him to call for the Covid-19 recovery fund that shows that he really cares for his children. Our President does not want to see anyone to suffer even if we are going through this difficult period. He has really showed leadership, this is how a leader should do for his people who are in serious challenges,” she said.
Mrs Kapona said SMEs must be honest enough in order to put the funds to good use so that they can set the agenda to grow the economy.
Using the funds for the intended purpose will enable the country’s economy to thrive, she said.

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