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Man faces jail after stealing drum

A bricklayer has pleaded guilty in the Choma Magistrates court to stealing a drum worth more than K500
In this case Cryford Hamatuli, 22, stood charged with theft contrary to section 272 of Chapter 87 of the Penal Code of the Laws of Zambia.
Particulars of the offence are that Hamatuli on March 29 2020 in Choma stole 1 drum and 5 planks all valued at K542 the property of Anderson Banda.
When he appeared for plea before Magistrate Muyambango Munukayumbwa, he admitted to stealing the drum but disputed to ever having anything to do with the planks.
Court: Do you understand the charge read to you?
Hamatuli: Yes
Court: How do you plead?
Hamatuli: I admit to stealing the drum and not the planks. In fact, the drum was taken back by the owner.
Court: Did you take away the said drum?
Hamatuli: Yes
Court: Did the owner allow you?
Hamatuli: No
Court: Did you have any claim of right?
Hamatuli: No
Court: What did you intend to do with it?
Hamatuli: I wanted to be using it in my brick molding business.
Court: I enter a guilty plea. Magistrate Munukayumbwa adjourned the matter to April 27 2020 for Facts.
Hamatuli was remanded in custody.


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