Sports activities still prohibited – Chilufya

HEALTH Minister Chitalu Chilufya has emphasised that sports activities remain suspended during the extended 14 days ban on public gatherings.
Speaking after announcing Zambia’s three more cases of Covid-19, Chilufya said all sporting activities have been suspended to prevent the spread of the virus.
Chilufya said government would not promote sporting activities that bring people closer together and promote transmission of the virus.
“I’m not talking about football alone but I’m saying sporting events that bring people together in numbers and do not comply to the basics of social distancing, the basics of ensuring we are in numbers less than the prescribed number and in compliance with the Public Act have been suspended through the presidential address made a few days ago,” Chilufya said.
It is alleged that some football clubs on the Copperbelt have continued to hold secret trainings even after Government discouraged public gatherings to stop the spread of the Covid-19.
Chilufya encouraged sports men and women to comply with government directives and conduct their trainings from home to stop the spread of the pandemic.
“We have stopped worshiping as a big fellowships on Saturdays and Sunday in compliance with the presidential directives so there is no reason why we would allow people to continue with business as usual in any sport,” he said.

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