Victor in manifestation of Grace

IT is said that the influence of a good album cannot be erased and this is what Victor’s album ‘Manifestation Of Grace’ brings to the table.
Born Victor Nyirongo in April of 1996 in Kabwe, he did his primary education at Chisamba Basic School from Grade 1 to 9 and later went to Kabwe Mine Secondary School for his Grade 10 to 12 where he completed in 2015.
“After completing my Secondary Schooling, I enrolled to do marketing in 2016 to 2017 and in 2018 I did study ICT,” Victor says.
He recalls that his love for music started way back when he was in primary school.
“Before going into gospel music, I used to do rap circular music. When I became born again while in Secondary, I continued with rap but in gospel form,” he says.
“Then one day by the grace of God I developed interest in singing. Everytime I tried rapping, I would fail. From there on, I was transformed to what I am today, signing for God’s glory and honour”
After completing secondary, he worked on an album which he called GRACE and had 14 songs on it.
“It was a combination of hip hop, reggae, rhumba, Praise as I didn’t know which way to go with my music in terms of genre” he says.
“After asking God for direction, I finally started working on my current new album which I completed by the end of 2019 called Manifestation of Grace. It has 9 songs on it and I have worked with top gospel artistes on this one like Mweshi Mulusa on Final Say, Reuben on Yhawe, Regina Mwanza on Mpukuteni Ifilamba plus many more top notable artistes.
“When asked on why he decided to name the album Manifestation of Grace and yet there is no song on the album with the name, he said he is kind of a different person in terms of naming albums,
“For me the naming of the album Manifestation of Grace is because each song on it points to a testimony God has for each one of us in terms of Grace. All the songs were produced by Enock Mbewe the man behind the song Ameno Mafupa at LMP studios in Lusaka.
“I am currently working on a video for Yahweh,” concludes Victor.
“To any one who would want to be part of this project either sponsor or manage, the door is wide open.
People can follow me up on my Facebook handle at https://www.facebook.com/victor.nyirongo.735

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