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West UPND youths warn HH

UPND youths in Western province have warned party president, Hakainde Hichilema of a looming destruction of the party if the decision to dissolve its executive committee is not rescinded within 48 hours.
Youths said they were disappointed with Mr Hichilema for failing to reverse the ‘illegal’ dissolution of the executive committee despite several pleas.
Youth chairperson, Mbangu Mbangu, said the dissolution was illegal because elections were supposed to start from the lower structures.
Mr Mbangu said the party had abandoned officials who had sacrificed a lot for it to get where it was today.
“I was shot in Mulobezi and still have some bullets inside me, I have been in prison all because of UPND,” he said
Mr Mbangu has since given Mr Hichilema 48 hours to see to it that the decision to dissolve the executive committee in Western province was rescinded.
And provincial vice youth chairman for politics, Boyd Muyotwa, said all the 19 constituencies had agreed to melt the party in the province if the dissolution was not rescinded.
Mr Muyotwa said youths in the province would not let a few selfish individuals destroy the party by imposing their preferred leadership.
He said the leaders that had been abandoned helped build the party together with its founder, Anderson Mazoka.
Meanwhile, provincial youth chair lady, Munkombwe Mufwambi, warned that the UPND was headed for doom if a few selfish individuals were allowed to make illegal decisions.
“The same dissolved committee there is an old man, Mbingi Shishwashwa who was the right hand man of Mazoka, today they want to abandon him, we won’t allow that,” she said.

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