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Drivers are Covid-19 awareness ambassadors

TRANSPORTERS have been urged to continually sensitise customers on the importance of adhering to Covid-19 preventive measures.
A non- governmental organisation, Leaving No One Behind Foundation, believes that public transport could play a bigger role in the sensitisation programmes because they interacted with members of the public more often.
Chief Executive Officer, Warren Mwambazi, advised taxi and bus drivers to sensitise the passengers on the importance of complying with the measures put in place to curb the virus.
Mr Mwambazi was speaking in an interview after donating hand wash soaps, basins, buckets and masks at Mulungushi inter District Bus Station in Ndola.
He said the corona virus was a serious and highly-infectious disease that required efforts from all citizens for effective prevention.
He stated that taxi and bus drivers dealt with a good number of people at a time and therefore needed to have the safety materials.
And Mulungushi Bus Station chairman, Mwaba Mumba, noted that bus stations consisted of a number of people going in and out, thus the need for drivers to be protected.
He said his team approached the Living No One Behind Foundation for help with materials to curb the virus and was happy that there was a quick response.

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