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‘LAZ has lost credibility’

THE Law Association of Zambia has lost credibility to handle complaints against its members because it has failed to handle the case of John Sangwa, who was reported for alleged misconduct by the Judiciary, Lusaka lawyer, Hobday Kabwe has said.
Mr Kabwe said LAZ can not handle prominent lawyer Lewis Mosho or any other member’s case because LAZ credibility was questionable having failed to handle Mr John Sangwa’s misconduct case reported by the Judiciary.
He said in an interview that the current LAZ executive had lost credibility and could not be trusted to handle any complaint against a member.
“The standing of LAZ is seriously doubtful because they have not handled Mr John Sangwa’s case reported by the Judiciary and hold the opinion that the complaint was very valid. One wonders if at all they can handle any complaint against a member like Lewis Mosho from the public,” Mr Kabwe said.
He said LAZ under the current executive had lost credibility to handle serious matters.
“LAZ will not be taken seriously until it handles John Sangwa’s case as reported by the Judiciary,” Mr Kabwe said.
He said LAZ would only be able to handle complaints from the public if it demonstrated impartiality against lawyer John Sangwa.
“First and foremost, I don’t think LAZ is competent to handle that complaint instead it should have been taken back to where it started from, if it’s in court or wherever,” Mr Kabwe explained.
And Mr Kabwe said the mandate of the current executive had expired and that elections to usher in the new executive had delayed due to the outbreak of Covid-19.
And Mr Kabwe has encouraged lawyers to consider helping the under privileged during the period of Covid-19.

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